June 2017 Tournament for Missionbay Volleyball Club

Welcome to Missionbay Volleyball Club


  • There’s an alternative to beach & indoor – play competitive volleyball on grass all year long. Try it!

Two types of events:

  1. Club Days are for experienced players with intermediate skills.
  2. Open Days are for basic-skilled and higher. 

Regular Weekly Schedule

  • SUN:  4pm to dark – CLUB DAY
  • TUE:  4pm to dark – OPEN DAY
  • WED:  4pm to dark – CLUB DAY
  • THU:  4pm to dark – OPEN DAY

Questions? No worries, just come play any day and see how it goes.

Many players attend both CLUB and OPEN – they’re fun and competitive!

Look for the nets with an orange stripe on top.

Ask for Mission Bay Meetup, Neal,  Mike, Joel, Claudia ...

We play Pick-Up games

  • We form balanced teams. It’s not make-your-own-and-challenge-on.
  • Fours are optimium, but will play Twos, Threes, Fives, and sixes depending on turnout and the number of nets set up.
  • We call ball handling faults, like throws, double-contacts, too-much-spin sets.
  • Center-set. Nets serves OK. Open-Hand OK.

CLUB DAY (Sunday and Wednesday)

  • Skills: consistent ball control, serve, pass, set, hit, nonstop clean bump-passing drill.
  • Tournaments, holiday events, BBQ’s, potlucks.
  • If you’re just visiting San Diego, come play free.
  • If you live here, come play and see if you want to be a member in the Mission Bay Volleyball Club.

OPEN DAYS (Tuesday and Thursday)

  • Skills: basic ball control, bump-passing, setting and serving.
  • Novices pursuing improvement are welcome, come develop your grass game.
  • You may get tips, feedback, on things like hitting and shifting.
  • Always Free. Run by Neal.

There’s always a good turnout, weather permitting.

Participants play at their own risk. Volleyball is a multi-player movement-intensive athletic sport and is potentially dangerous. Club provides no insurance.  

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  • Take Clairemont Drive to Mission Bay Drive. Turn right (North) onto Mission Bay Drive. Continue until you reach last 2 parking lots, across from the fences of the golf course driving range.  Plenty of parking. Near the sand volleyball courts, playground, and restrooms.

Missionbay Volleyball Club

Mission Bay, San Diego, California 92109, United States

Member Benifits


  • Members get club voting rights on things like rules changes and officer elections. Members get a discount on tournament signup fees. Members receive notices about HOLIDAY play days, BBQ’s. Dues go toward  buying new nets / balls / lines / hammers / bags, maintaining equipment, tournament sponsorship, website renewals, and other expenses that benefit members. 



• Club Days have solid intermediate skills.  Good ball control, serve, pass, set, hit, ability to keep a warm-up bump-passing drill going nonstop, movement all directions, hustle defense.

• Club Days are for Club members, and guests from Meetup who wish to try-out for Club membership, by letting us watch you play. See if our Club is a good fit for you.

• Low annual dues. Managed by the Mission Bay Volleyball Association.  Nets have an orange stripe on top. We have holidays events and run tournaments too. More than 50 Club members, own 5 nets and a tri-net, going 15+ years.


• Open Days have basic skills, and novices pursuing improvement are welcome. Good place to develop grass skills.

• Open Days skills are basic ball control, bump-passing, setting and serving.

• Free. Managed by Neal White.

RSVP.  You might see only a few RSVP's. The count doesn't mean anything. We're an established club, many years, and members rarely RSVP.  We use Meetup to promote the club and share our calendar, not to estimate attendance. Weather permitting, there's always a good turnout.

FEES.  Come out and play and try us out. For Tue/Thu, it's always free.  For Sun/Wed, if your skill-level is a good fit, and you like the Club, we'll invite you to join and collect your dues. 

MAKING TEAMS. If you have visited other groups, you may have seen stacked teams and uneven games. We strive to make balanced teams to keep play competitive and high-scoring. We're not make-your-own-and-challenge-on. We play with who shows up, from 2's to 6's, or odd teams like 4x5.

SKILL LEVEL. No beginners. Intermediate level. If you're not ready for our level, or you're above our level, we can refer you to groups that might suit you better.

RULES. Similar to indoor. Center-set, 2nd touch is the setter's. Serve receive open-hand passing allowed if it travels forward. Too-spinny hand-sets are called.  Net serves allowed. No body/net contact. 

SATURDAY. Many members also play Saturday at this Meetup

LIABILITY. Participants play at their own risk. Volleyball is a multi-player movement-intensive athletic sport and is potentially dangerous. Club provides no health insurance. Players should know the risks and think twice about playing if they do not have health insurance coverage. Everyone please PLAY SAFE and communicate with each other.

Thanks for visiting!


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