The individuals who founded the club played together as early as 1985 in Balboa Park, in the all-level volleyball section of the Sierra Singles, a section of the San Diego Sierra Club.  Just prior to 2000, we split off and formed our own club, focusing on intermediate-level players. We bought domain MISSIONBAYVOLLEYBALL.COM on May 10 2001, so consider 2016 our 15th anniversary.

Members take turns on the elected board, rotating duties and keeping things going. Many founders are still members today. Special thanks for Ralph and Dave for helping write this synopsis.


Contact Mike (619-850-9536) or Peter (858-583-3205)

The Club would also like to thank…

  • Neal, for hosting Open Day play events Tuesday/Thursday year-round.
  • Peter for the huge improvement in Club equipment condition over the past couple years.
  • Dave & Derek for the use of the camper to support tournaments, holiday events, and membership meetings.
  • Rudy for building and repairing heavy-duty canvas equipment bags and reinforcing the nets.
  • All Members for taking home individual Club nets and bringing them out on Play Days, and handling the equipment with care.