Club ByLaws

Tournament Round Robin Scoresheets


1. Volleyball Rules

Our rules generally align with FIVB Indoor rules, with a few notable exceptions

1. Age 18 and up.
2. We do not accept beginners. We cater mainly to intermediate players.
3. No profanity, arguing, lewd, or violent behavior. If there is ever a disagreement in play, the point is to be played over.
4. We play center-set. The second touch is always the setter’s call. If the setter does not ask for help, you must make way for the setter. If a teammate does not believe that he can move out of the way in time, he should call off the setter early and loudly.
5. A served ball that contacts the net is allowed.
6. The use of feet is allowed.
7. Individuals are to call their own bad sets, mishandles, nets, or fouls, but should consider opinions of the other players.
8. Any player-net contact (body, clothes) is a fault. Hair contact with net is allowed.
9. (eliminated)
10. Crossing the centerline under the net is allowed, provided you do not interfere with the opponent’s play.   FIVB 11.4.2. FAULT: A player interferes with the opponent’s play while penetrating into the opponent’s space under the net.
11. Open-hand (fingers apart) dinks are a fault. Closed-hand (fingers touching) are allowed.   FIVB 13.2.3 FAULT: A player completes an attack-hit using an open-handed finger action or if using finger tips that are not rigid and together.
12. While blocking, you may contact the ball beyond the net, provided the hit was a 3rd touch (an attack hit). Otherwise, the ball must first break the plane (be at or past the top of the net).   FIVB 14.3. In blocking, the player may place his/her hands and arms beyond the net, provided that this action does not interfere with the opponent’s play. Thus, it is not permitted to touch the ball beyond the net until an opponent has executed an attack hit.
13. At the opponent’s request, the server’s teammates must move so that opponents are not screened from seeing the serve. The server’s teammates should remain in their positions during the toss.    FIVB 12.5.1 A player of the serving team must not prevent the opponent, through individual screening, from seeing the server AND the flight path of the ball.
14. Attacking a serve is not allowed. If the served ball is returned on the first touch, the part of the hitter’s body that contacts the ball must be BELOW the top plane of the net, forcing the hit trajectory to have some arc.
15. Play stops if ball-on is called. Ball-on should be called if something may enter the court.
16. The score must be called prior to the serve, otherwise the ball shall be caught and re-served.
17. All players are encouraged to help set up and take down nets.
18. Everyone plays. If all nets are full, players are to set up another net. If all nets are set up, rotate in. If one team has ten or more points, you must wait until the game is over to join the net.
19. Members play at their own risk, and everyone should work together to ensure safety is the primary concern.

2. Tournament Welcome Meeting Announcements

  • Signup 9:00am to 9:15am. Welcome Meeting 9:30am, then play!
  • Tournament organizer will announce how teams are made. Captains pick teams, or random-ranked draw. No pre-assigned partners.
  • In Tournament we mostly play FOURS. If the number of players is not a multiple of four, we sometimes adapt.
  • During Welcome Meeting we do introductions, discuss rules, announce teams, answer questions.
  • Club provides Lunch, Drinks, Prizes.

1. Scoring is rally to 21, no limit.  Total number of games is pool play plus 2 Semis plus 1 Final.
2. Mandatory rotation. Don’t switch out your hitter until your team loses 3 consecutive points on the opponent’s serve.  Exception: If your team has a lady and your opponent doesn’t, your team is exempt from mandatory rotation.
3. Faults are (team) call-your-own. The call must come from the team that you think committed the fault.  Don’t stop play unless the team you think faulted calls it.
4. Hand-sets are allowed, but if it has too much spin it may be a fault.
5. Open-hand passing allowed.
6. Going under the net allowed, but it’s a fault if you interfere with opponent, including contact & non-contact interference.
7. Fault: attacking the serve. If you one-over the serve, and your hitting bodypart wasn’t below the net, it’s a fault.
8. Fault: open-hand dinking. If your hand is open and your fingers are apart and you dink, it’s a fault.
9. Fault: body/net contact.
10. If a player is injured, play on without them. No substitutions unless team captains agree.
11. Remember scores so we can calculate point differentials for tiebreaks.
12. Prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Lunch at 12 (Sandwich Emporium).
13. Top 4 teams go to semifinals, then 1 plays 4 & 2 plays 3. Rank is based on number of games won.
14. 1st tie-break is head-to-head games won between tied teams.  2nd tie-break is head-to-head point diff between tied teams (easy math).  3rd tie-break is head-to-head point diff for all games played today (hard math). 4th tiebreak is a sudden-death game to 11, or flip a coin.
15. Introduce team captains. Announce teams.

3. Volleyball Court Dimensions

  • beach doubles (2-on-2) ‘short court’: 8m (26’3″) x DoubleThat
  • indoor ‘long court’: 9m (29’6″) x DoubleThat
  • grass: same as indoor
  • beach (not doubles): pick long or short court, player’s preference

4. Net Height

  • men: 7’11 5/8″
  • women: 7′ 4 1/8″
  • co-ed: anywhere between the above
  • official height is measured in the center of the net.

5. Volleyball Links


We play grass.  If you like beach, visit South Mission Beach, which has a bunch of nets maintained year-round by the San Diego BIG Beach Improvement Group.  BIG links to our website and other groups.